About Us

City of Scents was founded in New York City by two friends, Sebastien Courty from France and Rose Swarbrick from Australia. Their deep connection to food, travel & exploration and their shared appreciation of the power of scents to evoke memories led them to create City of Scents

Hand rolled

Neutral essential oils

Eco friendly

Made in NYC

Recyclable packaging

From Shared Adventures to Fragrant Creations

Deep conversations over languid lunches about their travels and adventures - the wine, food and spices, the flea markets and gardens, nightlife and galleries - evolved into a study of the olfactory markers and notes that brought those experiences to life. Incense — a daily ritual and luxury for both Sebastien and Rose — was the perfect vehicle to carry those evocative scents into their own homes, and the homes of others.

Each unique city scent is an aromatic homage to the beautiful culture and customs of each of these remarkable cities, carefully crafted to transport you abroad with every fragrant stick.

@roseswarbrick & @sebastiencourty